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Pride and Prejudice

There are many differences when we compare today's society to the society in the novel Pride and Prejudice. Some of the differences have to do with clothes, transportation, and marriage. There are also many similarities between the two time periods such as gossip, attitudes, relationships etc.
One difference between the society that we live in today and the society Jane lived in is that in Jane's society people went about doing things in a very formal manner. They even spoke to each other in a formal manner. For example, Mrs. Bennett would refer to her husband as, "my dear Mr. Bennett", instead of referring to him by hisfirst name. Today if a wife were talking to her husband she would refer to him as hunnie, or by hisfirst name. Marriage is also another big difference between the two societies. In Jane's society marriages were usually arranged in some way, and you did not marry a man because you loved him, you married him because he had money. Today marriages are not arranged, and if you marry a man you usually marry him because you love him, and not because he is wealthy. Today most children are educated, including girls, but back then if you were a girl you were not allowed to attend school. Girls' back then had a purpose, and that purpose was to cook, clean, and help out, and then marry a wealthy man and have children. A minor difference between now and then is that they got around by horse and carriage, while we have a wide variety of cars to choose from today. Another minor difference is that in that period of time women wore dresses every day. If a woman wore a dress every day in today's society, we would probably say to them, " wow what are you all dressed up for"?
Then there are the similarities between today's society and the society that Jane lived in. One similarity between the two societies is a relationship between a male and a female. In toda


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