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Pride and Prejudice Phrase Essay

The story opens with the news that a wealthy man named Mr. Bingley has arrived in a
nearby town. Mrs. Bennet, whose only purpose in life is to marry off her daughters, encourages
her husband to get aquainted with Mr. Bingley. Mr Bingley begins to fall in love with Jane Bennet
after he meets her. His friend Mr. Darcy, disliked by everyone, begins to be attracted to Elizabeth
Bennet. Caroline Bingley invited Jane to Netherfield, the Bingley's temporary residence. Jane gets
sick and is forced to stay. Elizabeth comes to visit her sister, walking through the mud on the
way. This impresses Mr. Darcy further. Mr. Collins, Mr. Bennet's cousin, comes to visit the
Bennets and annoys everyone but Mrs. Bennet, who is as silly and shallow as Mr. Collins.
Disgusted by his continous pompousness, Mr. Bennet sends Mr. Collins with his daughters to
Meryton, where Elizabeth meets Mr. Wickham. Wickham feeds Elizabeth's dislike for Mr. Darcy
by telling her horrible stories about him. Mortifying Elizabeth in the process, Mrs. Bennet and her
daughter Mary succeed in making fools of themselves at the next ball. Mr. Collins proposes to her
but she cant convince him that she does not want to marry him, and it takes Mr. Bennet to assure
him of Elizabeth's refusal. Elizabeth's good friend Charlotte ends up marrying Mr. Collins for his
money and position. Mr. Darcy finally confesses his love to Elizabeth but the manner in which he
proposes, disdainfully and arrogantly, is offensive to Elizabeth and she takes pleasure in rejecting
him. Her face cold and hard, she accuses him of breaking up Jane and Mr. Bingley and ruining
Wickham. The next morning he gives her a letter saying that he did not think that Jane loved
Bingley and he revealed Wickham to be a cheating man without principal. Elizabeth leaves to visit
her aunt and uncle and they tour the countryside, eventually ending up at Mr. Darcy's ho…


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