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Pro’s And Con’s Argumement About the Incluence of American Culture on Irish Film

Martin McLoone’s book Irish Film: The Emergence of a National Cinema
suggests that Ireland’s recent birth of a creative and fertile film
industry, particularly with films such as “The Crying Game” and “My Left
Foot,” has functioned as a kind of response to Hollywood and English
representations of Ireland film.In particular, recent English portrayals
of Irish violence as a “Celtic Tiger” of Catholicism, poverty, and anger,
has been answered with filmed depictions such as “The Crying Game” that
show that even IRA members have reasons and rationales behind their
actions.Even so-called Irish terrorists, the film suggests, are not pure
monsters.The activist who keeps the British solider captive takes
interest in the man’s girlfriend, showing that he too is human, with human
desires.”My Left Foot” encompasses both the sentimental beauty of the
Irish landscape, as well as the human, common drama of the frustration of
living with a disability and also the parent’s perspective of raising a
gifted child with a disabilityâ€"a subject that is anything but beautiful,
This filmed humanization of the actors of the Irishtrouble’s of
recent date may be said to function as a kind of response to the anger of
the Irish during the 1970’s.Irish films of this time frame, which
transpired shortly after the British occupation of Northern Ireland, were
often quite militant in theme and showed a strong British versus Irish
conflict with an absence of any humanization of the British side.To be
Irish, it was implied, was to be anti-British and anti-English, and
preferably anti-Protestant.But recently, not only have individual English
people been more positively portrayed in Irish filmâ€"although the policies
of the English legal system and English government continue to be
criticized in films such as “In the Name of the Father,” but a greater


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