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psychological analysis of A Cry in the Night

Novel Analysis
Deceiving is thefirst word that comes to mind when thinking about this novel. Throughout this novel, many things and many people are very deceiving. Mary Higgins Clark, who is a very talented author who resides in Saddle River, New Jersey, wrote "A Cry In The Night". She is described as the Queen of suspense, which fits her very well; this novel was filled with suspense from beginning to end. "A Cry In The Night" started off with a calm heart warming plot, with a rich talented artist coming in and sweeping a struggling single mom off her feet. Jenny MacPartland, the main character was working at an art gallery in New York City owned by Mr. Hartley. She was setting up, and stepped outside the gallery to view one of the artist's paintings in the window. As she stood mesmerized by "Memory of Caroline" she stepped back and unknowingly bumped into the man that would change her life forever. She spun around and saw Erich Krueger, the artist whose work was being exhibitioned. After the fun filled day she spent with him, she thought her life would be making a dramatic turn for the good, or so it seemed. But her good friend Fran said it best, "he's too perfect", implying that underneath his perfect guise was something wrong. She was right, but it wasn't just wrong, it was horribly wrong. This report will examine and scrutinize the novel from a sociological view. The analysis will include the values, status, role conflicts, and relationships of the main character, and the cause, classification, norms broken, and sanctions of the deviant character.
A cultural trait is the smallest element in a culture. A cultural trait can be material like a tangible object or non-material like an action, superstition, or belief. Two extremely important and highly representative material traits from the novel are Erich's hockey stick and his mother's green nightg…


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