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Pwr/Crptn:Julius C. vs. McBeth

"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."This quote by Lord John Edward is exactly what this essay is about.When a teen is left home alone for the weekend, they have power over the house.They can easily abuse that power and throw a party, or do something else they know they shouldn't be doing.A lot of teens do abuse that power.It usually ends up with some type of corruption.They can either get caught by their parents or by the police.Adults and children also tend to abuse power when they have it.Just as in everyday life, William Shakespeare's Characters in Julius Caesar and Macbeth show that power truly can corrupt.His plays show that not only today's world, but in the world before us had the same problem with the issue of power.
There were many forms of corruption that was caused by power in Shakespeare's two plays, Macbeth and Julius Caesar, one of which is treason.For example, Cassius and the other conspirators discussed their plan murder Marc Antony and Caesar.
"Decius, well urged.I think it is no meet
Marc Antony, so well beloved of Caesar,
Should outlive Caesar.We shall find of him
A shrewd contriver; and you know, his means,
If he improve them, may we stretch so far
Is to annoy us all; which to prevent,
Let Antony and Caesar fall together."
(Shakespeare: Act 2; Scene 1; Lines 167-173).
In this quote, Cassius was explaining to the conspirator about killing Marc Antony as well as Caesar.This is a form of treason.If Cassius did not have the power to say these things, he wouldn't have.Because he held the position of a senator, he felt he had the right to decide what was right from Rome.Cassius did not want to help Rome, but help himself.If Caesar would become King, he could do away with Cassius.Cassius did not like this.Additionally, in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth and her husband plan to kill King Duncan so that …


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