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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino is arguably one of the most influential film makers/ directors/ actors of our time and has made his mark on Hollywood forever.His movies are thought provoking, intelligent, and, very often, so vulgar and violent that we cringe or turn away while watching.However, Quentin Tarantino and his films have achieved cult status.In this biography, we will take a look at his early life, his claim to fame and a couple of his works.
Quentin Tarantino had developed a taste for pop culture at an early age.He was born in 1963, in Knoxville, Tennessee.His mother was 16 years old at the time.There are many rumors about how Tarantino was named.Some believe that he was named after "Quint", played by Burt Reynolds, from the T.V. series Gunsmoke.Others think he was named after the girl "Quentin" from William Faulkner's novel The Sound and the Fury.Tarantino grew up in South Bay, in southern Los Angeles.As a child, he watched many hours of television, read many comic books, and went to the movies very often.Tarantino was a very intelligent, but hyperactive child.His parents were divorced early in their marriage and early in his life.Despite this, he still kept his father Tony's name: Tarantino.The boy had difficulties reading and writing.He did not like school at all, so he dropped out in the tenth grade and started working at a pornography cinema called the "Pussycat" in Torrance, checking tickets.He then started taking acting lessons and worked at a video store called "Video Archives" in the Californian Manhattan Beach.
Quentin Tarantino's style and technique of filmmaking are his claim to fame.He incorporates unique filmmaking techniques his work that are offered from no other filmmaker. In some of his latest work, he shows flashbacks, so you must pay attention to the movie as not to get confused.For example, in hisfirst major film Reserv…


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