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Race – True Colors

True Colors
Watching the video "True Colors" proved not altogether shocking.Although it was very disheartening to see human beings treat other human beings poorly based on skin color, it is simply not surprising. As a Caucasian, I did not feel embarrassed watching the video.I felt very disgusted with the human race in general. Discrimination is by no means a thing of the past. I was surprised by the lack of service that Glenn received in retail stores however. Most salespersons want to make a sale no matter what. The car dealership situations did not surprise me however. As a woman, I know that dealerships and mechanics will take advantage based on gender, so why not on race as well? It sickens me that some people have no qualms treating other people in such a manner. I think the worst instance depicted in the video was Glenn's search for housing. I couldn't believe the man who told John that "They (blacks) were moving in".Or that immediately after Glenn was informed that an apartment was no longer vacant, John was given the keys to the same apartment and told to go have a look on his own.When confronted, the landlord tried to talk his way out of the situation and only ended up looking worse.
Since the civil rights movements in the sixties, all sorts of laws have been passed and exist in black and white for the world to see. These laws exist to protect against discrimination. We assume that because the laws exist they must be effective. Our accomplishments, primarily on paper, seem to be there to make us feel better. They sit at the surface, but they seem to take very little action, except in certain instances. As far as the professional work place goes, it is dangerous to discriminate when hiring. The EEOC helps to make this a certainty.When it comes to everyday situations however, these laws cannot always be enforced. Glenn's experiences made this painfully clear.
The discrimina…


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