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RanVan the Defender

The book that I read was RanVan the defender by Diana Wieler.This book was about a boy named Ran Van who learns many things about life through out the book.While living with his grandmother and going to high school with his friend Darryl, Ran meets a girl named Thalie.Ranfirst sees this girl getting pushed out of a car in front of the rite shop.From that moment on Ran decides that she was a damsel in distress who needs to be rescued by a noble person like the night in his favorite game Stormers.After taking to Thalie more at school, Ran meets her at the school later in the evening.Once the sneak into the school Thalie picks up a chair and smashes it through the glass window in the cafeteria door.
Soon after this incident Ran finds himself doing more and more dangerous things every time he and Thalie meet.For instance, when later in the story when Ran is convinced that Garry is the Dark Lord of Thalie's life and needs to be stopped he finds himself breaking down the framework of Garry's house developments.However the last time that Ran and Thalie meet to destroy the Dark Lord by burning down his house in which he is building for Thalie's mom Lei.Garry shows up at the development before they can go any further with the destruction of the house.At this time Garry tells Ran about how the reason that Thalie has been trying to stop her mom and Garry getting married was because she was in love with him.Furthermore that Garry and her had done things in the past and that she was using Ran as a pawn in her game.Then Thalie snaps and tries to push Garry off the top of the building, having Ran save him and pull Garry back up.After this Thalie runs away Ran goes home to find out they are moving to Thunder Bay.After school Ran sees Thalie for the last time, she asks him to meet her at 8:00 in the tunnels on the playground.When Ran gets home he calls her mom telling her she can find Thalie at …


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