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Rassales and Repetativness

When one reads Rasselas, Prince of Abyssninia, they have to notices many similarities in the book, not only pertaining to the story, but also to the structure of the novel itself.The story of Rasselas, a young man searching for happiness, has the conclusion that there in no true happiness in the world.Not only has this story been told time and time again with different characters in a different setting, but always with the same conclusion, that there is no happiness; the story itself is repetitive in structure and in the findings of Rasselas.His journey takes him through different worlds and people, only to find something wrong with every culture and way of life.His final conclusion is that there is no truly Happy Valley, the very place he left.
We not only see repetitiveness in the story, but in the very words of Rasselas himself.Rasselas states, "…I find one day and one hour exactly like another, except that the latter is still more tedious than the former.Let your experience inform me how the day may now seem as short as in my childhood, while nature was yet fresh, and every moment showed me what I never had observed before.I have already enjoyed too much:give me something to desire.”Rasselas not only states that every house is like the next, in that time is just repeating itself, but he also lets us know that he is unhappy with his situation.Learning is no longer fun for him.Living in the Happy Valley, he thinks he has already be taught everything that there is to be taught, and he must venture out of his present world, in order for learning to once again be pleasant.
The novel constantly repeats itself.Rasselas travels from place to place, talk to many great people.He thinks he sees happiness in every example that he runs across, only to find out there is something that keeps the examples from being truly happy.He examines the young men of spirit and gaiety, only to see that they are not happy….


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