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Real World- why is it appealing

Pringle, Chris
English 1010, 10:00
Dr. Gabriel
Sept 15, 2000

Essay One

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It seems that the people of the 1990's have lost the respect for privacy.We are all caught up in an age of technology and we think it is entertaining to view other people's lives.An example of this is the popular television show "The Real World".On "The Real World" a group of seven strangers live together and their lives are video taped for our enjoyment.This show is popular because it is real life, people can relate to the show, and we can learn lessons.
The main reason "The Real World" is popular is because it is real life.The characters have no script.They live however they want and do whatever they wish.We watch them from the time they wake up until they go to sleep.The camera acts like a ghost, nobody acknowledges that it is there.People seem to enjoy this.It may be that humans can relate to them.
When a person watches the show they can relate to what is going on.The show highlights many social problems happening now.A problem a character on the show is having may be the same as yours.Maybe a previous experience comes to mind when something happens on the show.For example, all of the casts have combined different races and nationalities.The current show has a twenty-four year old black female named Melissa.She is surrounded by upper class white men who try to be nice to her.She thinks only poor men should be attracted to her because she does not come from a family with money.She says they only like her because she is on the show.This obviously is a social problem we as humans have with each other.Another problem the show addresses is homosexuality.There was a gay guy who also had HIV, his name was Pedro.This opened all of us up to the idea that there are gay people in the world as well as AIDS.Anyone who has watched the show learned more about!
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