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Rebellion Against Big Brother

The book 1984, written by George Orwell, is about an over-bearing government and society with too many rules and regulations.Although many characters in the story seem happy with the way life is, some yearn to rebel and fight for their rights of true freedom; to lessen the constraints put upon them.In the novel, both Winston and Julia act out different types of defiance, and the proles hold the power to completely overturn Big Brother.
During the book, Winston's actions and intentions to discover the truth and bring justice to life in Oceania are strong and wholehearted.When he is writing in the diary, he prints " 'DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER' over and over again" (18).This shows that in both his heart and his mind, Winston wants to get rid of the tight noose Big Brother holds around everybody's neck, and he cannot deny the feeling of wanting something.He feels trapped because he remembers a time where the Party did not always rule, and although he is unsure of whether or not the Revolution was a better time, it was a big part of his childhood and it holds significance to him that could open up the past.While being quizzed by O' Brien, he answers, " 'Yes!''You are prepared to commit murder?''Yes!''To betray your country to foreign powers?''Yes!'" (172).This shows that Winston feels like he will do anything for the exposure of Big Brother.He sees through their techniques and wants to reveal it to the rest of the world.His action of agreeing to do horrible feats against his country shows his determination for freedom.Winston just wants to broadcast the web of twisted lies and deceit made up by the Party.
Julia, while hating Big Brother, is not quite as committed as Winston in her insubordination.While Winston is talking about evidence against Big Brother and how it could aid future life, she says, "I'm n…


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