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Red Dragon

I chose the book Red Dragon because I really enjoy all the movies that have been made about Hannibal Lecter, The Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal and not to mention Red Dragon. This 351 pages long book was written by the author Thomas Harris in 1981 but he was also the author of another of my favorites Silence of the Lambs. There have been made motion pictures after both those books.
Thomas, a native of Mississippi, began his writing career covering crime in the United States and Mexico, and was a reporter and editor for the Associated Press in New York City. Hisfirst novel, Black Sunday, was published in 1975, followed by Red Dragon in 1981, The Silence of the Lambs in 1988 and Hannibal in 1999.
The story is about a former detective, Will Graham. Graham is a dark haired, skinny man. All the sun in Florida has made him really tan He is enjoying a peaceful retirement with his wife and kid down in Florida when out of nowhere comes an old but unwanted friend, Jack Crawford. Jack was working with Graham on the Hannibal case when Graham caught him but got stabbed in return. Graham knows that usually when Jack comes, he is asking Will for help. And since Graham has heard of this new serial killer called the''toothfary,, he knows pretty much what it is all about. And as Graham suspected Jack is not in for a social call. He is indeed asking Graham to come with him to Atlanta to take a look of the crime scene. Graham isn't too eager about going away from his family and loved ones but does it anyway. At the Atlanta Police Department he is filled in on the latest intel. The killer is a tall male,dark haired and has some sort of a fetish for biting his victims. The victims have been until this moment two families, a wife, husband and two children in Atlanta and the same but only one child in Birmingham. He kills at night at a full moon, meaning they have about 24 days until his next strike. That's about


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