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Remote Control

Remote Control
When I see ten year old boys running around telling everyone to "suck it," I know there is
either a problem with media regulation in this country or something is very wrong at home. Given,
wrestling is one of the most popular programs on television today, but does that mean that it
should abuse its power, knowing that ten year olds around the world are watching (and learning).
Many kids would argue that if they heard something on TV, then it is ok to repeat, because, lets
face it, TV is the modern day babysitter. Hypothetically, as a parent, I would not want a baby
sitter that teaches my young children how to curse, how to use the middle finger, and what goes
where in regards to the birds and the bees. These are all thing that I would want to be their source
of information for. To tell them that, yeah, it's out there, but it does not make it right. Now how
do we change this system to put power back into the home and out of the hands of media moguls?
The FCC is obviously not doing a good enough job. But I'm not to sure that it matters. The
answer is simple. The home, the parents, have to take back that power.
I do not believe it is the governments job to save us from turning on the television and
seeing something they think is not good for us, or our children. Why is it so hard for mom or dad
to say no? I dont believe that "no" is punishment. Rather letting children watch things that a
parent may find unacceptable is punishment for both the child and the parent. It is mind numbing
for children and discouraging for parents. I am not saying that all television is bad. There is always
Sesame Street or other educational programming. But professional wrestling? Is this not what
society had been trying to steer clear of for years: Large men solving disputes over women,
wearing almost nothing, in the ring with steel chairs, ladders, and steel cages? It just seems to me
that this type of programmi…


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