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Report on Sonny’s Blues

;Sonny;s Blues,; a short story by James Baldwin, illustrates a strained relationship between two brothers trying to survive in the mean streets of New York City.Told from thefirst person point-of-view of Sonny ‘s brother (a hard-working conservative schoolteacher whose name is never mentioned), the story revolves around Sonny;s dream of being a jazz pianist and the obstacles that stand in his way.Unfortunately, Sonny;s salvation, his love for jazz, is also the single greatest contributing factor to his heroin habit and the difficulties between Sonny and his brother.This can be determined byfirst examining the relationship between the music scene that Sonny was involved in and the drugs that he fell victim.Then, we will examine the strife between Sonny and his brother that was due to a combination of Sonny;s impatience and his brother;s ignorance of Sonny;s goal.
Sonny uses the music to focus his talents in a positive direction, instead of towards the downward spiral of drugs that lands him in jail at the beginning of the story.Unfortunately, the main contributing factor to his drug problem was the scene that came along with the music he loved to play.Sonny explained to his brother that some people, not just musicians, used drugs ;to be able to make it at all.On any level; (Baldwin 1819).This illustrates the power of heroin.While for some, it started as a way to control the music and give it life, but eventually, the drug ended up controlling the user, forcing them to shoot up to stand the day to day grind.;It makes you feel-in control,; Sonny says, ;Sometimes you;ve got to have that feeling; (Baldwin 1819).Later, Baldwin goes on to depict Sonny;s lack of control, describing in an emotional monologue, the depths of depravity that the young musician ventured into when in need of a fix.Sonny never elucidated fully the sp!


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