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Respone to Say Anything

Say Anything is a film that seems not to have enough meaningful content at thefirst glance. To the contrary, the film is full of meaningful insights; and disillusionment is one of the most obvious themes that are illustrated clearly by the director in parts of the film.
Diane's father, Jim Court, has always been pushing her daughter to even higher academic achievements all her life; he would do whatever it took to provide his daughter with the best things. Diane trusted her dad and had a very intimate relationship with him. Like most children, Diane had the image of her dad being a hero all her life; she could not imagine her dad being a criminal. Unfortunately, nobody's perfect, including Jim Court. One night, two investigators knocked on the door of Diane's house and informed Jim Court that he was illegally using money of seniors who died in senior homes.
Diane was standing right beside her father when the two investigators talked, but she did not take the conversation seriously because she has always trusted her dad. Several days later, Diane started to recall what the investigators have said about her dad's criminal records; she decided to find out the truth by herself. One afternoon, Diane was at home alone; so she started her search for evidence of her father's crime. To her surprise, Diane saw four stacks of money neatly put in a wooden box. She could not believe her eyes!
Most people believe what they have been told or how they have felt. They seldom think questions in multi-ways. Say Anything deliberately shows us the disillusionment between Diane and her father through one simple event. (however, don't stop admiring your father after watching the film…at least, not until when you see the investigators!!)


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