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Return to Bitter Creek

Return to Bitter Creek takes place in Bitter Creek, North Carolina, during current times. There are many acres of beautiful land. There are a lot of trees and plants. The weather is seasonal, although mild during the winter.Most of the action occurs at a farm, and in a house.Although the story involves family conflicts, and could take place anywhere, the setting was relevant to this plot because a lot of what happened involved nature, horses, and rural jobs.
Lacey Bittner is the main character. She is a teen-aged girl who lived with her mother, Campbell, and her mother's boyfriend, David.Lacey is upfront, honest, hard working, efficient, and kind. When someone is rude she tells them how she feels. For example, she tells her mother when she thinks her mother is being inconsiderate.Whenever she has a job to do, like making a cabin in the trees, or clearing the pasture for the horse, she gets to it right away, and continues until it's done, even late at night.She tries to fit all her activities in, including school, sports, and taking care of her horse; she is responsible.Even though her mother doesn't get along with the rest of the family, Lacey is still pleasant to them.
The main conflict is man vs. man.This is a story about a family who just can't get along with each other.There are personality conflicts between mothers and daughters, and cousins and cousins.There is squabbling over such things as who can spend time with whom, and who will drive to school.
Campbell, Lacey's mother, lived in Bitter Creek her whole life, but she didn't get along with her family, especially her mother. She moved away to Clio, Colorado with Lacey, being single. She met a man name David. They were very close and lived together, but weren't married. They moved back to Bitter Creek, North Carolina because David found a blacksmith job there. When they arrived in Bitter Creek, they bought a little ho…


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