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review for A people’s history of the United States

What is behind the glorious appearance of the history of the United States? Howard Zinn provided the readers an answer to that question in his book, A People?s History of the United States. Different from the textbooks that were always praising how great a country America is. A People?s history of the United States gave the readers a brief idea on the cost behind the surface, the lives and people that were lost or forgotten, and the unjustness that was put on various groups of people.
Zinn?s description of the history of the United States came from a very biased perspective. He wrote down history with an attitude that changed the original facts that would mislead his readers. He wanted his readers to know what facts came before the greatness of America was achieved. How the country was formed from destroying numberless Indian tribes, the discrimination towards the Indians and the colored people and women, and the war that was actually started by the United States with Mexico and taken half of it?s country. Americans who took high school history and people in the rest of the world who took world history always looked at these events in a way that the US government only did what they did to accomplish a positive goal. But Zinn saw that the US government was in favor of the business class and was interest only in what would make profit. From the point of view of this book, all the decisions the government made was based on profit, either to expand the country for more land which meant more production or to gain more consumers to buy the products.
The book was written to try and see the history of the United States from a people?s point of view. If it is said that the textbooks provided in high schools is extremely biased from the view of the government, then this book would be the book that is extremely biased from the view of the working class, the natives, and the colored immigrants. How the people felt about the wars fought, …


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