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The Truth of Suburbia
The movie American Beauty is an interesting view of Suburbia America.While some people might criticize the movie for being to far fetch and to critical of America, others see the movie for the full value that it holds for its viewers.This movie can initially be labeled as a satire or a movie poking fun of American suburbs, but after deeper inspection this movie is more about the truth of who you are and coming to live with and understanding that realization.
In the movie, the only people that were truly happy the whole time was the gay couple.This is funny because it is not a usual occurrence that there is a gay couple living next door.It is also weird because they are the only people that seem to function normally as a whole, and feel as if they have nothing to be ashamed of.The couple is truly happy because they understand who they are and they are secure with there standing in life.The mother of the family is never truly happy with who she is, as can be seen in her slapping herself in the being of the movie and her constantly criticizing her husband, and is very unhappy because of it.She tries to be something that she is not, and would rather live out this fantasy that she has of life that to live her own life.She frustrates her whole family with trying to be in charge of everything when all they really want from her is for her to be herself.The father is truly confused by what he wants from his life.He thinks that going back to the way he was during his teenage years will help all his problems go away and will ultimately make him happy.When truthfully all he needs is to accept what he is and learn to love everything that makes up his life.I think the final part of the movie shows that he has come to understand this point and wants to impart all this knowledge upon us as viewers and as strugglers of this confusing life.
This movie says a lot about America and the ideals and "…


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