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Review of Harry Potter

This filmed version adapted J. K. Rowling widely populated book: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. The legendary director and producer Thomas Mahoney unlike his many previous awards offered a surprisingly low level production. The story in itself would be highly interesting as it shows the adventures of a ten years old boy. The parents of the protagonist were magicians but they were murdered by an extremely vicious magician. Harry lives with his relatives who do not care of him hating the exceptionally talented boy. His life turns when he gets to Hogwarts, the school for young witches and wizards. There he finds reliable, inventive friends with whom they go through awful adventures until they overcome Harry's enigmatic enemy.
I must start by saying the cast was not deliberately chosen as the children are unable to proper, convincing interplay. I was particularly disappointed at watching the poorly interpreted dialogues between the schoolmates (David Radcliff and Emma Watson). Quite frankly, some of the adult roles were definitely phoney and the depiction bordered on caricature. I can't accept that the stylist has failed show off his craft and created everyday appearance for the actors, actresses. In fact, you could say that the special effects, in sound and picture respect, were perfunctorily composed.Many scenes are too long and hereby too dull without real action.
My reservation is that a few scenes will be undoubtedly frightening for children under age of 10. The finishing touch for me is it's length: 1 hour 54 minutes, some kids won't be able to sit still for it. All in all I recommend it for those who want to compare the book with the adaptation and who are patient enough.


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