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Rocking-Horse Winner

"The Rocking-Horse Winner" by D. H. Lawrence is a story of a boy named Paul who grows up in a family that is down on its luck and haunted by an unspoken phrase "There must be more money!" After a talk with his mother, he becomes convinced that he can become lucky, and not only end the haunting phrase, but also gain the love from his mother that is missing. He begins to bet on horse races and picks a winner by riding on an old rocking horse intensely for hours until he "gets there." It is then when he knows who the winner of the horse race will be. Paul then partners up with the gardener and his uncle and soon begins winning a lot of money. He decides to give his mother a thousand pounds every birthday for five years, but upon seeing this she decides that she wants it all now. She spends all the money and the voices in the house only grow louder and more intense. Paul is even more determined now and his last shot at winning money is at the Derby. As the Derby grows closer, he grows more and more tense and rides his rocking horse non-stop. His mother starts to worry about him, and when she goes to check in on him, he "gets there" and blurts out the winner. His mother has just become richer than she could ever imagine, though her son is passed out from exhaustion and later dies. What is the meaning of greed for an understanding of this story?
These “unspoken” haunted words may very well be a representation of the great sense of greed that has made its presence throughout the house, especially within the mother. What it does, is it causes Paul to experience a great sense of frustration. Therefore, he feels it is necessary to help his mother retrieve more money and put an end to this unexplainable madness. Paul is determined to become lucky, and feels that he can pick a winner every time by riding his rocking horse extremely hard until he "gets there." But Even after Pa


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