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Romancing the Stone

In “Romancing the Stone,” heroine Joan Wilder is a successful romance novelist, secure in her career but not in herself.She is very attractive, but plays down her looks by not dressing well at times.Her career dominates her life, and she has become well known around the world for her books.She develops a relationship with Jack Colton when she travels to South America to help her sister, which is very unlike her.It is clear she is becoming attracted to Jack, but they are completely opposite, and they seem to have too many differences to ever really get together.Jack makes her look and feel beautiful, and as their relationship begins to develop, she just seems to glow.
She is very modest, even shy at times.However, she shows that when family is at stake, she can be extremely independent and resourceful.She is extremely sensitive, which makes sense since she is a writer, and she has a good sense of humor when she is comfortable with the people around her.She is not a “typical” romantic heroine in many ways, because she is a recluse at the beginning of the novel, and she does not meet the hero through her work.Again, her work is not typical of a romantic heroine either.However, most of her character fits with the heroine ideal, such as not taking her attractiveness for granted and being extremely vulnerable.As she blossoms under Jack’s love, she becomes more typical and more appealing.
Sex in the story is presented tenderly and with love and respect.The couple is drawn to each other and have survived many difficulties, so it seems natural when the sex scene occurs.In fact, the sex is implied, which makes it all the more romantic and appropriate to the film.Joan does not give herself lightly, so it is clear she really cares about Jack.This is important for the romantic quality of the film and to keep the heroine “pure” and good throughout the story.She only sleeps with Jack, and it is because of true lo…


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