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Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Scene

Romeo And Juliet Act 3 Scene 2 And 3 Essay, Research Paper

Act 3 Scene 2 and 3 Comparisons on Romeo and Juliet

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reactionsJuliet?s reaction W hen the Nurse

enters she starts rambling on, making out that Romeo is dead. Juliet is

understandably upset, and thinks that Romeo must have killed himself. She asked

the Nurse if it?s true but instead the Nurse gives the gory details making

Juliet more horrified. Finally the nurse

says that Tybalt is the one who is dead and Juliet is in more despair. Have

both her cousin and her lord been killed? Tybalt has been

slain by Romeo who has been spared but he is banished. A first Juliet?s

reaction is harsh towards Romeo. She can?t believe such a beautiful person

could hold such an evil heart. He was the opposite of what she thought he was.

The Nurse agrees with her views of Romeo but Juliet bites back suddenly and is

cross with herself for speaking about her husband in such a way. She gives

Romeo the benefit of the doubt – if he hadn?t killed Tybalt, Tybalt would have

most definitely killed him. She tries not to cry – Tybalt?s death is full of

woe but the banishing of Romeo is like the end of the world for her. Juliet

says that death will take her virginity if Romeo will not. She asks the Nurse

to give Romeo her ring and she asked that she bring him to her for their last

farewell. It seems to me that Juliet is love-struck with Romeo?s affections and

she is in despair with the thought of never being able to see, touch or be with

him again.Romeo?s Reaction ? R omeo seems in

despair with his sentence of banishment. He would rather die than be exiled.

Exile brings more terror to him, he can?t imagine not being behind Verona?s

walls and being in the big bad world full of torture and suffering. He doesn?t

want the leave his ?heaven? with Juliet. He keeps referring to exile being like

death to the Friar. When the Nurse enters, Romeo asks her if Juliet thinks him

an old murderer and does she still love him. All the Nurse says is that she

weeps and weeps making Romeo try and kill himself. He is to see Juliet to say

farewell and when he has her ring the Nurse has passed on to him he is

comforted. The idea of seeing Juliet again has consoled him, he loves her so



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