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Romeo And Juliet Essay Research Paper There

Romeo And Juliet Essay, Research Paper

There has been a huge controversy about various types of art, such as

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performance, visual, fine, liberal, applied, and graphic arts, and what

different affects they each have on society. Many say that certain types

of art, such as song lyrics have a negative affect on society, promoting

the use of drugs, profanity, and violence. However, some say that other

types of art such as paintings, often respond to human suffering in a

positive way, inspiring child labor laws, and changing idealistic

attitudes about war.

There are many ways in which art and society are interdependent.

Events and technologies affect the content and form of art. Censorship,

freedom and social roles limit and support artistic expression. Histories

and cultural beliefs are exposed through several art pieces reflecting

concepts of time, space and ideas.

The interrelatedness of history and art can be seen in the contact of

events and the art world. Human struggles, discoveries, and wars have a

dramatic influence on art forms and satisfaction. Song lyrics and other

musical pieces often have a strong emotional effect on its listeners.

Paintings and other visual arts often show and respond to images of

unity. These examples show how people may relate to various types of


Some countries have given more freedom to artists than others at

times in history, thus persuading or restricting artistic production,

content and public access to it. Creating and sharing of art celebrates

freedom of the human creative spirit. Different societies use different

forms of art to show their cultural beliefs and traditions, such as certain

costumes, dances and songs, such as the national anthem.

In conclusion, society creates art in various ways that reflect differing

concepts of time, space and levels of desire for performance. The artist creates his

or her piece as a result of what they see, or how they feel about what they see, in the

community around them. Everyone gets a little something different out of each type

of art, whether it be negative or positive, whether it be a taste of someone else s

culture, or a revision of their own. Looking through time and space, at an expansive

inclusive world of art is the goal of global art history. The recording and sharing of

these cultural achievements gives us a sense of unity, stability, and understanding of

art histories.


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