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Safe Haven

Safe Haven: A place of safety and of light, of duty and honor: A Refuge for survivors. Also: A place of death and darkness, where magic and murder go hand in hand.Angie and Marc have made it to Safe Haven and her Marine is already on the edge of murder over their romance. Will Adrian be able to stop the bloodshed or will everything he’s built start to fall? Can he keep the enemy at bay long enough to teach his people how to be survivors of this new apocalyptic world? Does he know there is a dangerous traitor among his flock?”A Sizzling Romance during the apocalyptic aftermath. And it works! A great story.” – The Review BlogAfter months of carrying the burdens alone, Adrian has the help he needs. Five of the six have come and he can’t wait to get things started. With Angie’s magic and his belief, he is about to rebuild an entire country. If he can keep them out of the Slaver’s path long enough to get these special survivors to bond. If they won’t work together, America has little chance at survival either.”Ready to go? This way to Safe Haven, Slaver attacks, and the Supernatural…”


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