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Say Goodnight, Gracieis a book written by Julie Reece Deaver.She grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. This happens to be herfirst novel. This is a fiction book that fits into the genre of realistic fiction.The story takes place in Chicago Illinois in the late 1980s .
Jimmy Woolf and Morgan Hackett, who are both seventeen have known each other their whole lives. Their mothers were high school friends. They were reunited in the maternity wing at Geneva Hospital, the week they were born. Since then, Jimmy and Morgan have been best friends.Jimmy loved to dance and Morgan likes to act. So in and out of downtown Chicago they go for classes and auditions.Morgan and Jimmy usually ditch school to make auditions and Jimmy had a big one coming up for Oklahoma. So he and Morgan went. The choreographer asked them to dance in pairs of six and he would give the good ones a call to come for the finals. Jimmy got a phone call and was asked back on Saturday. He got a call that said it was changed to Friday, so Morgan and Jimmy ditch school to go. At the theater Jimmy was real nervous and totally bombed on the audition. He was real upset and said some things toMorgan that made her cry. Then Morgan got angry and ran to the hospital to see her Aunt Lo.Her aunt is a psychiatrist.At the hospital she told her aunt the story, and Loey told her to spend the night at her house.Her aunt tells her she is having a party and to get dressed in the new clothes she bought for her. At the party, Morgan finally agrees to talk to Jimmy and they settle it with a pillow fight. Her aunt is standing in the doorway laughing because she knew they would make up. Jimmy needed to talk to Morgan and to get away from everyone they went into the living room.There, Jimmy told Morgan he was going to start working at the Children's theater again. He asked Morgan to be an assistant and she agreed. May I say, very hesitantly. Morgan began her job in early Novem…


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