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Braveheart was filmed on location in Ireland and Scotland, and at the Ardmore Film Studios. Roger Ebert from the Chicago Sun Times states that this film is, "An action epic with the spirit of the Hollywood swordplay classics and the grungy ferocity of The Road Warrior." ( James Caryn of the New York Times explains this film as, "One of the most spectacular entertainments in years." ( for several Academy Awards, this 1995 epic film is based on the life of the legendary thirteenth century Scottish hero William Wallace. Mel Gibson stars and directs this Academy Award winning film. Braveheart captures the viewer's attention with its brutal battles scenes, love story, and the motivation to fight for their freedom.
William Wallace (Mel Gibson) returns to his homeland following the death of an heirless king, finds himself in the middle of political landscape turmoil. Edward the Longshanks, King of England played by Patrick McGoohan, has captured the throne of Scotland and threatens the freedom of all Scottish people with tyrannical policies implied by the English.William at the time is content with living a simple life trying to build his home and raise a family. This all changes when Wallace courts his love Murron who is

played by Catherine McCormack, suffers a cruel death at the hands of the English. Wallace infuriated by this action takes matters into his own hands by rebelling and slaying English troops. He is then determined to fight fiercely against the cruel King of England and his forces in Scotland. Wallace then gathers an amateur but passionate group of soldiers and takes a stand against the new rule of England. Although his army of soldiers is greatly outnumbered by the English, their passion, determination, and the love of their land helps them overcome giant odds and defeat the English in several battles. The conflict comes w…

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