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The Movie, Schindler's List, consist of a German profiteer name Oskar Schindler who, because of his kindness and great courage, saved more than 1,000 Jews form death in the Holocaust. Oskar Schindler was announced a hero because he repeatedly risked his life to save the lives of many Jews.
Oskar Schindler’sfirst motive was to become rich and a center figure in the Nazi regime.Then as he progresses, he though about the Jews and he becomes very sympathetic to the Jews. So he spends all of his profits to hire more Jewish workers.At the end, he was comparing the price of the pin to how many more people he could save.He has made a drastic change; he saved over a thousand Jews.
Schindler;s act of kindness saved many lives on a daily basis. It was very dangerous to interfere with the Nazi;s Jews, but Schindler did it repeatedly. Often he would say ;stop killing my good workers. We;ve got a war to win!; One women who has been forced into slave labor at the age of ten, recalled that she was about to be shot by an SS guard for breaking a machine used to make bullet casing. Schindler saved her life by telling the guard ;How can this little girl break a huge machine like that?;
The Jews cared and loved their family with all there hearts. They would do anything just to keep close with their family. Like the children that were separated from their parents, they would risk their lives just to remain and be with there


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