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Schindler’s list

The movie Schindler;s List touched me in many ways.I didn;t realize the extent of the horror that the Jews faced. The thought that someone could come and barge in to my house and take all my belongings scares me. I now feel more sympathy than ever for the Jews who had to suffer through this horrible ordeal.
The girl in the red dress really touched me, and I think it was the turning point for Schindler to start his factory of Jews when he saw her at the crematorium. The fact that she was the only person in color made it obvious that she played in important role in the faith of the Jews. Schindlerfirst sees her as an innocent young girl walking along the streets of the ghetto. He later spots her body being wheeled off to be burned. The young girl in the red dress symbolizes the hope the Jews had. In the beginning of the movie, the Jews; hope was pretty high, and most people expected to be freed sooner or later. As things became progressively worse, the hope for any liberation went down, and all hope died as the girl in the red dress was being carried to be burned. Schindler notices this, and he then takes the initiative to change the situation by hiring Jews as ammunition factory workers.Also, her death can be viewed as the most angelic and innocent child suffering the wrath of the concentration camps.
I also liked how Schindler changes during the movie. He starts out as a Nazi party member, who enjoyed partying and spending time with women. As he witnesses the horrible things being done to the Jews, he realizes that he needs to make some efforts to save at least some of the Jews. Since he had already developed a relationship with many of his employees (the Jews), Schindler was able to feel the harshness much more than any other German. I admire his skills and determination that help him do what he needs to do to get the job done. Even if it included bribes, Schindler was bent upon keeping the Jews from being


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