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schindler’s list & night(book)

Schindler;s ListandNightby Elie Wiesel
Night is a horrible story of murder. Elie saw his family, friends, and fellowJews being murdered. During his crisis hebegins to loose faith in God, to who he used to be so devoted to. He believes that God was also murdered by the Nazis. In this story, Elie changes from a devoted Jew to a broken teenager who doubted his belief in God.
When Eliefirst goes to the concentration camp and sees all the walking skeletons, he can;t believe that is real. He feels that the might be dreaming. What he saw was to unbelievable for him, never in his life had he seen people being treated like that. Each day Elie faces and witnesses starvation, the beatings of innocent people, and murder. And throughout all of this torture he is losing belief in God. By the end of the book Elie has lost complete belief in God. He wondered if there was a God then how could he allow all this to happen.
As the days go by there are more frequent selections. A man with little sticks will decide whether you live or you die.To the right you live, to the left you die. As Elie watches all this evil that exists, his belief in God is deteriorating. Elie asks himself, ;Where is my God?;
Elie continues to witness hangings, beatings, starvation, and torture. One day when Elie comes back from a day;s work, he sees three gallows being assembled. The whole camp has to witness the hangings. Among thethree people that would die, was a young child. He wondered what that poor innocent boy had done to die. Elie had to watch the boy struggling between life and death. The death was slow. After this incident Elie no longer believed in God. He felt that no one could believe in God when one saw innocent children like that die such terrible deaths.
Night tells the story of innocent people who were destroyed because of what they believed in. These people had never done nothing to hurt anyone and yet they w…


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