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The Movie Silence of the Lambs starring Jodi foster as agent Clarice Starling and Anthony Hopkins as Dr. Hannibal Lector was praised as an amazing horror thriller when it was released in 1991.In fact, the movie was even granted the highest honor a cinematic production can receive when it was voted the best movie of the year by the academy of motion pictures, becoming thefirst and only horror movie to receive this coveted award.Surprisingly, many people don't know that this critically acclaimed motion picture was based on the fiction novel of the same name written by Thomas Harris.Silence of the Lambs is a chilling tale of a young FBI trainee sent to capture a serial killer through analyzing and deconstructing a serial cannibal.It is a story of growth and of change capped by a less than complete ending that leaves the reader searching for answers not described in the text but hidden in the meaning. Although there are many similarities, there are several differences be!
tween the best selling book and the horrifying movie. Many aspects of the plot, the characterization, and the underlying tones of the story are exemplified in different ways in the two forms of this story.
In the majority of book turned movie projects, most would agree that turning the story into a screenplay destroys the wonder and suspense that can only be described in a book.Silence of the Lambs is, perhaps, the exception to the rule.It is amazing how closely the movie screenplay is able to follow the book.However, I feel that the plot is not as well developed in the movie as in the book. Despite the ingenious use of undertones and implementations, it failed to tie together the various plot lines involved in the story.There are, in actuality, two separate villains in this book.First, Buffalo Bill, the "real villain", who abducts young girls whom he kills and skins to make a suit that he can wear, and Hannibal Lector, the "f…


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