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Secret Heart

The book Secret Heart takes place in Helmouth, in present day. The author of this book David Almond grew up in a large family in northeastern England and says "The place and the people have given me many of my stories." He started his career as a writer after he graduated from college. This book is one of the few that he has written. For example hisfirst novel was Skellig, his second was Kits Wilderness, and his third was Heaven Eyes. David Almond loves to write, he says "Writing can be difficult, but sometimes it really does feel like kind of magic. I think that stories are living things among the most important things in the world."
David Almond is an amazing writer, but in Secret Heart he made it too boring. I almost fell asleep several times while reading this book. For example on one whole page they do nothing but jump over an elastic band, while Corinna was jumping with the children she says "jump children jump (194)."Another thing that he did is in some parts he needed to add just a little more detail. For example when Stanny yelled at the snake it slithered away, he should have thrown something at it all he did was yell. In the book it says "It turned its bloodied head and eyes and stared at them for a second, then darted off (24)." Another thing is that the whole book is about three days. When you read it, it seems a lot longer than three days.
However there were a few parts in this book that I felt were particularly good. For example when Joff and Stanny killed the panther, and Joe and Corinna find it. The book says "There was no head of course (156)." Another thing is That Joe has dreams and he can't tell if they are real or not, his mother had said "you and your dreams (19)."
This book was a good book it was entertaining for the most part. It had some faults, but I really liked it. If anyone is thinking about reading it I highly recommend it be…


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