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Secrets – Ladybug, Ladybud…

In W.O. Mitchell’s
Ladybug, Ladybug…

Sometimes in life, if you do not tell the truth or if you withhold information it causes a lot more grief than if you had just been honest.These secrets are destroying relationships everywhere.In Ladybug, Ladybug… the secrets kept between characters causes them to come close to losing one another.Without allowing people to become close or neglecting to tell them of important information about yourself you will lead yourself to destruction.In W.O. Mitchell’s Ladybug, Ladybug… secrets are destructive as demonstrated through Nadya and Lyon’s secrets and also through life assessing images.
The worst kind of secret is one in which you withhold information that could potentially save a person’s life.Nadya’s secret is one of this nature.She neglects to tell her employer, and newfound friend, about her ex-lover who had been stalking her.She also keeps this from her young daughter who should be more cautious with strangers.The problem grows when Nadya becomes worried about her ex-lover and keeping him a secret to the point of ignoring and not paying attention to her child.This causes the child to be distraught and unaware of things around her.As Lyon, her new friend, notices the tension and questions Nadya about what had happened, why she was upset, she replies, “I ran across someone out there, a guy.Somebody I’d just as soon I hadn’t run across.That’s all.No big deal” (p. 80).Being unaware of the dangers, Lyon does not pay close enough attention to the child either, considering the extra attention needed now to keep away from harm.In fact, while at the park with the child he falls asleep on the park bench.”Maybe he ought to join her now.No.This time the round-about had really taken it out of him, and it was lovely here with that spring sun so kind on his eyelids” (p. 208).Through this unconcern for the child, she falls into the hands of her kidnappe…

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