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"There is a general consensus among social scientists that television violence increases the propensity to real-life aggression among some viewers." Recent studies conducted have shown evidence of television influencing people many different ways. One subject most often brought up is that the media as a whole encourages or influences violence.
The TV is an influential tool which affects a wide variety of people. There are a three basic theories involved in the "social learning" theory. "Top government studies have shown that violent material is popular;” This information according to the surgeon general's scientific advisory committee on television and social behavior. One leading social psychologist flatly states that "evidence suggests that violence on television is potentially dangerous, in that it serves as a model for behavior, especially for small children or toddlers.
Toddlers seem to be very prone to the influences of televised violence. There are many reasons for this. One reason being that, by the time infants are three months of age they can actively pay attention to an operating television set when placed in front of one by a parent or an authority figure. This was later proven by a case study conducted by the Japanese Government which was called "The potential effects on infants of watching televised violence."
The case studies conclusions were that toddlers are capable of learning verbal and nonverbal behaviors from aggressive or violent programs. They are also capable of imitating both what they see, and what they hear on the television. This is evidenced by children in the study under the age of two, who could recite complete phrases from soft drink commercials. It is believed that toddlers can do this because of their rapid learning abilities, and that their brain capacity is much larger at a young age.There are suggestions to prevent toddlers or young children f…


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