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Seven-Colored Flower

In a beautiful small town, there was a girl called Melody. People in the town called her "Dream Girl," because she always thought about something impossible. Every day, she sat beside the window and had her day-dreaming.
One day, Melody sat beside the window and began her day-dreaming as usual. It was a sunny day. The birds were singing on the tree outside the window, and the flowers were dancing toward the sun. Melody was dreaming her fantasy ice cream castle, and she was thinking that she could live inside. "Isn't it the best life in the world?" Suddenly, a bright light came into Melody's room through the window, and a fairy appeared. While the fairy was smiling to Melody, Melody looked amazed.
"Hello, I am a dream fairy. Nice to meet you, Melody."
"How do you know my name? I never know you." Melody wondered.
"Well, it doesn't matter. I know you have a lot of dreams, so I come and help you to make your dreams come true," said the fairy with smile.
"Really?" Melody became excited.
"Yes, my girl." Then, the fairy showed a seven-colored flower to Melody. "This flower has seven different color petals, and they can make seven of your dreams come true. You can only use seven times, after that, the flower will fade."
"I see, but can this flower really make my dreams come true?"
"Yes." Then the fairy disappeared.
Melody held the flower in her hands and watched it over and over. To make sure the flower could work, she picked up one red petal and said," Seven-color flower, I want an ice cream castle." Just after she said this, a huge and colorful castle appeared outside her room. Melody was so excited and could not wait to run outside. This ice cream castle looked amazing! The roof was made of chocolate ice cream, and the wall was made of vanilla ice cream. Melody walked into the castle a…


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