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Sex and Violence on Television

This movie is about Jamal Wallace. Jamal meets William Forrester, who is a Pulitzer Prize winner. Jamal's friends dare him to go into Forrester's apartment because Forrester was always watching them through binoculars. When Jamal gets caught, he runs out, but forgets his notebook and belongings. William Forrester gives him his belongings back with comments of his own. After that, they develop a good friendship. One teaching aspect I found was mentoring. Jamal would get C's for his schoolwork, which was average, but in reality he was a straight A student. Forrester's mentoring brought out the best out of Jamal. Jamal was a gifted student, but he didn't realize that until he got that little push from his mentor Forrester. I found, from watching this movie, that talents should not be hidden. I liked this movie a lot because it was hopeful and encouraging.
This movie is about a math teacher named Jaime Escalante. He went to Garfield High School to teach computer science. This movie takes place in 1982 in East Los Angeles, CA. He was expecting to teach computer science, but instead he teaches calculus. The class is told that they are going to be taught AP calculus. The students don't like the idea when they realize the amount of work it will take to pass calculus. One teaching aspect I found in this movie is that instead of Mr. Escalante focusing on his students limitations, he chose to focus in their potential. Mr. Escalante was able to relate to any type of student and motivate them by raising their self-expectations. Overall, this movie is inspirational and great!
This movie is about Mark Thackeray. He is an engineer but then is out of work. Since Mark Thackeray is out of work, he then decides to take on a job as a teacher in London. The story takes place in the rough east end. Since he's teaching the kids from the dock workers, Mr.


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