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Shakespeare In Love

Although this movie was mostly based and cenetered around Shakespeare’s love interest, Viola Le Lesseps, the Queen Elizabeth, herself, still managed to make a large impact within the story line. Her air of authority and the power she held and emitted made her into and admirable entity, not only in my eyes, but the characters of the film.
Judi Dench, who played an older queen Elizabeth in Shakespeare In Love, did a wonderful job in playing the queen. She had that was of speaking, firm and steady, with much confidence behind it as well. But the woman also had her humorm especially when she watched the comedy plays of Shakespeare in her court. But through that loud laughter, although jolly and a bit obnoxious, still reserved the sound of resolve and conviction. The little grins and smiles that would tug at her lips also showed that through her sterness and air of control was just like any other woman who laughed when she was happy, who cried when she was sad, and who lost her temper when one made her angry. Overall, it showed that she had emotions through the wall of power.
The film also gave me an understanding of the exploited role of women in Elizabeth England. I felt a certain pity towards Viola since she was being forced to marry the Lord of Wessex just because Queen Elizabeth had given her the approval of the match. It seemed to me that her ‘approval’ was more like a command, an order not worth questioning over or even disobeying. The monarchy portrayed authority and command, especially the Queen, herself. I felt as though if she ever told me to ‘jump,’ I wouldn’t hesitate to do so.
Overall, I thought the movie was great. It was engaging, amusing, and suspenseful, especially when I noticed the little added hints and jokes of Shakespeare’s other plays within the movie, like the character who was holding the skull. It quickly reminded me of the graveyard scene in Hamlet.
The movie gave me a better understanding of Elizabet


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