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Shall We Dance

"Shall We Dance" Movie Essay
The movie "Shall We Dance" was an interesting movie.Shohei Sugiyama is a successful Japanese businessman with a new home, a faithful wife, and a pleasant daughter. Yet he feels something is missing from his life. Every night on his way home from work, he gazes up at Mai, a former professional dancer who’s lost her passion for competing. Summoning the courage to meet her, he signs up for ballroom dancing classes, but then learns that Mai only gives private and very expensive lessons. Thus, Shohei and several other beginners take their class with Tamako an older instructor, and he watches his mystery lady from across the room. At the beginning he’s clumsy and awkward, but soon begins to enjoy his new pastime. His wife, however, becomes suspicious of his long absences from home, and hires a private detective to follow him. As time passes by, Shohei becomes a better dancer and gets help and inspiration from Aoki, a Latino dancer wannabe, who also happens to be his “nerdy” co- worker. As Shohei becomes good enough to enter competitions, he must deal not only with his wife’s concerns, but also with his attraction to Mai and to ballroom dancing.
Instead of the ending being Shohei dancing with Mai in the end, it should have ended like this……
Shohei doesn;t end up dancing with Mai instead Shohei brings his wife to Mai;s party, and starts dancing with her.Every one is shocked and amazed that Shohei would do such a thing, and starts to compete against him by dancing with their own partners and trying to disrupt Shohei;s focus and make him fall.But Shohei really wants to show Mai what he has learned through out all the dance sessions he;s been.
Mai tries to ignore Shohei and tries to focus on choosing her partner while Shohei is dancing around her, and the doors open and BAM her ex partner from long ago walks through the do


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