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Acceptance.Love.Aren't these two words feelings everyone longs for?No matter what age you are, everyone wants to be accepted and loved.Acceptance is especially important to teenagers.The ability to fit in and be like everyone else.It hurts to see the fingers pointing or hear the mocking laughs behind your back.In the novel She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb, a young girl named Dolores goes through numerous hardships using food and anger as her shoulder to lean on.However, through all the tragedies, all the taunting, all the problems, Dolores comes out triumphant and happy.If you think no one could understand the cruelties of being overweight, of going through hard times, then you haven't met Miss Dolores Price.
Mr. Pucci was Dolores's school counselor while she's in high school at St. Anthony's.Mr. Pucci was there for Dolores whenever she needs him and puts up with her foul-mouthed language and attitude.He was there through all the usual high school dilemmas, after her mother and father's divorce, through the months her mother is at a mental facility, through her mother's, grandmother's, and father's death, and her painful divorce from herfirst husband, Dante.Mr. Pucci was always uplifting to Dolores's hurting spirit.He pushed her to achieve more, make dreams for herself, and then carry those dreams out.Dolores was able to return the favors to an extent once she reached her twenties, after her grandmother died.Mr. Pucci's better half, Gary passed away due to AIDS, but had passed the HIV virus to Mr. Pucci.Dolores proved to be nothing less and nothing more than a sturdy rock for Mr. Pucci to lean on.They both healed each other through the time they had together.
Since Dolores is the narrator, you are in her thoughts, you hear what she hears and see what she sees.It feels you could point Dolores out if you saw her walking down the stree…


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