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Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity.

Simplicity is a concept that has been adopted by many philosophical thinkers throughout history.It's recognized as one of the most thought provoking and unique concepts ever grasped.Thoreau is a key example of simplicity; his concept was not only written but lived as well.Through his novel Walden, he exemplifies simplicity at its best and can be compared to many of the other philosophers of simplicity.
"Let usfirst be as simple and well as Nature ourselves, dispel the clouds which hang over our brows, and take up a little life into our pores."() Many could quote the many "simple" insights of Thoreau.But what does simplicity really mean to the famous writer?"A simple and independent mind does not toil at the bidding of any prince."(39) So Thoreau advices that the simple mind isn't at the beckon call of any being above them, that the simple mind should be like the Shepard (60), the primitive man (25), and not like the ant, who lives meanly (62).Sounds simple enough doesn't it?So then, why doesn't the world comply?
"Yet so far are we from simplicity and independence…"(43) Walden believes of the world.Nations search day in and day out for the perfect society.Yet through hundred's of years, man continues to chase after this dream."Still we live meanly, like ants; though the fable tells us that we were long ago changed into men; like pygmies we fight with cranes; it is error upon error, and clout upon clout, and our best virtue has for its occasion a superfluous and evitable wretchedness."(62) Could it be because man fails to give up the silliness of fighting, or the stupidity of error in all that he does?Or is it that he continues to headache with thousands of problems a day, including those of others (62)?Whichever, the ignorance of man fails to allow him to achieve enlightenment and perfection.Thoreau laughs at this thou…


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