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A sin can be defined as the act of breaking a Religious law or purpose. Morals and how someone is raised can factor into their views on a sin. Everyone has a conscience, which is the ability to recognize right and wrong. A sin severity varies by intent, and results of the commented act. Some sins are taken more seriously than others are. For example if you choose to lie to your parents you may get grounded, but if you were to murder someone you would be condemned to prison. Usually after a person commits an iniquity it causes them to feel guilt and remorse because they know their action was wrong. In The Scarlet Letter, Roger Chillingworth is the worst sinner. Chillingworth is the greatest sinner because his sin is intentional, selfish, and continual.
Chillingworth consciously commits two sins. Hisfirst sin is against nature by marrying Hester, knowing she does not love him. His selfish desire to have a lovely, young wife. He is aware of this by telling Hester "Mine was thefirst wrong. When I betrayed thy budding youth into a false and unnatural relation with my decay." (Hawthorne, 153) But his worst offense is when he let the sin take over. Chillingworth sacrifices Dimmesdale to satisfy his own selfish need for vengeance. He focuses constantly to destroy Dimmesdale's sanity. Being Dimmesdale's doctor he knows he is causing Dimmesdale to be ill and he intentionally does not stop.
Not only is Chillingworth aware of his sin, but he sins selfishly. When Chillingworth arrives in Boston and sees his wife on the scaffold he plans to break vengeance on the man who seduces his wife and fathers her child. Unlike Dimmesdale's and Hester crime of passion, his is cold and plotted to only benefit himself. His constant poking at Dimmesdale wound with diabolical determination to increase his suffering and pain brings self-enjoyment. He enjoys tormenting him so much that he arranges to keep him in his selfish clutches …


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