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Snows of Mt. Kilamanjaro

This story is uniquely Hemingway by its long sentences with many conjunctions.The writing uses many commas, which separates the big chucks/clauses of his sentences.This is a common characteristic of Hemingway's writing as well as his simple descriptions of nature, use of colloquial language, writing about things he knows intimately (hunting), and symbols that do not detract form the story.All these styles Hemingway writes with were present in The Snows of Kilimanjaro.The insight of the early twentieth-century mind-frame Hemingway gives us is the feelings and love affairs of different people.Hemingway's character, Harry, thinks about all the women he has been with and how he has used them for money.Harry goes after rich women because he has no money and he believes there is a major difference between "normal" people and "rich" people, in his time.This shows the bias people had.What I liked about this story is the way Harry reflected on his life while he sat, waiting for death.Without this insight, the story would have no connection with the reader.The adventures Harry ruminated made an association with the reader giving the story more feeling and emotion to it, making it more enjoyable.It was a good writing strategy.What I did not like was the ending.I did not understand the last part where it said Harry went off in the plane to the Kilimanjaro mountaintop, but then the story went back to Harry dead in his bed, with his girlfriend weeping for him. …


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