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Sociological Imagination of Samoa

Out of all the theories I chose a prominent sociologists with his remarkable heory that currently influenced hundreds of people around the world, Karl Marx the father of Communism which mainly targeting the class struggle. “Karl Marx’s was a Prussian-German philosopher, economists, sociologists, historian journalists and revolutionary socialists” (Keleezard, Oct 006, pr 2). In Wikipedia it has been noted (Rigganbach, 1995, 2-5) that the origin of his theory derived from a series personal interests relating to social alienation and human struggle.

As he perceived societies in the ancient days he saw that there was a huge gap between the two classes. The bourgeois or the capitalists, and the proletariat he working class. Karl Marx pretty much unhappy with what he perceived in society then creates a theory that everyone should be equal. My essay will mainly focus on the Karl Marx’s theory of Social Classes Struggle and its strengths and limitations on the Social Imagination of Samoa. Comparing this theory to the Samoan Society, it influenced the society in many ways. there are strengths and limitations of this theory that ca be appropriate to our society as follow.

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To commence with, Karl Marx’s theory help to reciprocate or distribute wealth between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisies class equally. ‘According to Karl Marx’s theory he demolished every class, everyone should be equivalent and receive equality in wealth” (McHenry, R. 2005). Any income that they will earn should be distributed equally to the rest of the society. This is related to Max Weber’s theory of comparing society to a living organism. Max Weber declared that all parts of society should function together for the betterment of the society. Applying this to the Social Imagination of Samoa, this is happening in our society. here is a saying in Samoa ” o le tele o lima e mama ai se avega”. Everyone come together to work and help each other for the betterment of the ociety and when they gain profits this will distributed equally to the whole of society and no one will be left out. For an instance, in the Faasamoa when we have a funeral all relatives have to take si’i(help) to the family that they are having a funeral. Then the extended family will all come together and distribute for the si’i. After the funeral, they’ll get back some things either money or any other properties.

When the extended family receive this things the Sa’o or the head of the family will distribute these stuff equally among the whole family and no will be left behind. Moreover in the Karl Marx triangle of social class struggle nly the heirs will occupy the upper or the higher class of society. Only the heirs to the higher people will take over the upper class if the current people decided to resign or move away and will order everyone in the middle class to do what they want to do. In Samoa, a Sa’o is a head of the extended family under his guidance what to do and all the matai’s who serves him does he requested.

Only a heir or a son of the current Sa’o of the family that can take over the position of the Salo of the family and do what his father did before. Furthermore, there are also weakness that Karl Marx’s theory can apply to the Social Imagination of Samoa. His theory is mainly target on individualism but according to Samoa a person can not stand on his or her own. According to Karl Marx he said that no more classes but a person should stand on their own to do what they know is best for themselves. If a person becomes successful then he’ll or she’ll provide for her own or for his own needs.

Only him or her without anyone that will as you for help. In our society as a real country that truly holds to its culture a person can not stand alone on his or her own or become individual. For example, right from the beginning the whole society or the whole extended family helps you with your schooling. When you graduate and go further education and ended up working on a high paid job, you still can’t become individual. You will go back and help those who help you get through your education. Work hard and provide for them and look after them until you guys part in death.

Another factor that focused us to do so is because of strong values and beliefs in religion. There is a religion saying ” love thy neighbors as you love thyself’. So we can not stand individualism due to our strong belief in our culture and religion. Lastly but not least, In Karl Marx’s theory, he wanted everyone to be in the ame level like no one is higher than the other but all come down and all people should have the same status. In our very own society according to our culture, people are not all the same, there are people that are higher according to our culture but not in wealth.

For an example, the structure of a Samoan family start from the Sa’o or the head of the extended family, he is the boss and everyone in the family to do what they need to do for the improvement of the family. After him then the matai titles who do whatever the Sa’o want to do. They are like messengers of the Sa’o. The Sa’o of the family is most respected by most of he family members because they believe what they’ll do best for the Sa’o will blessed them from above. There is a Samoan saying goes, “O le ala i Ie pule o le tautua”.

People believe in order to gain these kind of higher status in the family will be working hard for everything that will make the Sa’o satisfy. In conclusion, Karl Marx theory is all about getting society comes down to be in the same level and stand individual. Comparing it to the Social Imagination of Samoa, there are some parts of the theory that can compare to the Samoan Social Imagination and also some that can not. This theory will help distribute the ealth equally among the whole of society, as in Samoa, we all know that our people work together and have the share everything equally among themselves.

The higher people only occupied by the heirs as in Samoa we also do the same. There are limitations such as being individualism but in Samoa we cant. We have to help the people of our society because they have helped us too. And lastly, Karl said we are all equal but in our culture we are not. There are people in our culture that should respect and do what they want us to do. That’s how explain the theory of Karl Marx and apply it to the Social Imagination of Samoa.


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