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Sonny Blues essay

According to James Baldwin’s novel “SonnVs Blues” Bird Scene 36, My interpretation of it was about a character named bird who was unemployed. It seemed like he doesn’t like to get involved in anything. So far, my interpretation of Bird Scene 36 is about a character named Bird who has his own way of doing things. The main message of this scene is to be a leader, not what others want or expect of you, but its what you expect of yourself in not giving others the satisfaction of being right.

The message of this scene is also about avoiding uffering. “Sonny’s Blues” opens as the narrator learns from a newspaper that his younger brother, Sonny, has been arrested for dealing heroin. The narrator is taking the subway to his high-school teaching job. At the end of the school day, the “insular and mocking” laughter of his students reminds him that as youths he and Sonny had been filled with rage and had known “two darkness’s””the one of their lives and the one of the movies that made them momentarily forget about their lives.

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Leaving the school, the narrator comes across an old friend of Sonny’s in the schoolyard. While Sonny’s friend and the narrator talk about Sonny’s arrest, they tell each other some of their fears. In front of a bar that blasts “black and bouncy” music, the friend, who is not given a name, says that he “can’t much help old Sonny no more. ” This angers the narrator because it reminds him that he himself had given up trying to help his brother because he had not known how; indeed, he had not even seen Sonny in a year.

It disturbs the narrator to ee his situation shared by someone who is not even related to Sonny. The friend mentions that he thought Sonny was too smart to get caught in a drug bust. In anger, the narrator criticizes the friend, sarcastically implying that the friend must have been smarter since he had not been arrested himself. The friend pauses and replies that he would have killed himself a long time ago if he were really smart, implying that he believes death is better than addiction.

He then begins to explain to the older brother how he feels responsible for turning Sonny nto drugs, but the narrator breaks in and asks what will happen to Sonny next. My interpretation and Reilly’s relate by his interpretation was similar to mine when he explained how the loss of his young daughter made him want to look out for his brother Sonny, So in a way it’s like to avoid suffering. In other words, to also avoid drowning from suffering. ReillYs article helps me clarify what this article is about by explaining each scene and how the narrator’s mood and attitude changes toward each scene.

For example, in the beginning of the article the narrator’s brother Sonny, was in a newspaper for dealing heroine, still he says that he’s a good kid and there’s nothing to worry about. Then later in the story his mood changes and he feels as if he doesn’t want to get involved. Reilly helped me clarify what this article is about because he specifically explained the scenes, and the attitude the narrator had towards his brother and the situations that he encountered in different scenes with his mother, and his brother Sonny .


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