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Sons and Lovers

Sentences such as “he looked down at her. Her crimson cap hung over her dark curls, her beautiful warm face, so still in a kind of brooding, was lifted towards him. This line demonstrated that the man was fascinated when he saw the woman. Senses The author uses some sense devices to describe how the woman felt when she egan to swing, for example while she was swinging he writes that “her heart melted in hot pain the moment came for him to thrust her forwards again”. In this sentence the author uses metaphoric technique and also uses some imagery to her the sensation the woman is feeling towards the swinging motion. agery In the text the author uses imagery to describe different aspects of the text. Some parts of the story he uses emotive writing to show how the man felt about the woman, for example after the woman starts to swing he describes the moment saying “she felt the accuracy with which he caught her, exactly at the ight moment”. Mood The mood of the story is romantic. Most of the paragraphs demonstrate the feeling the man shares with the woman, the story is written like this to reveal the main themes of the novel.

Narrative style The story is written in third person with dialogs in between them to show what the people are saying to each other. Tone The tone of the story is very much similar to the themes of the novel. Lines like “she could feel him falling through the air as if he were lying on some force” made stand out more so that the audience can see what was going on between the two characters.

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