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Space Cowboys: A review

With its sense of realness, its talented actors, and its impetus for the
aging, Space Cowboys proved to be a huge success. First, the movie has an
excellent sense of realness. During the movie, it showed some of the harsh
preflight training that real astronauts would have had to go through. The
actors tried their best to make every scene seem as real as possible. For
example, when they did a centrifuge scene, the actors just had to make faces
as if they were really being stretched and pulled. They did that scene so
well that it looked as if it were really happening. Then, the actor’s talent
of playing their roles has an effect on the movies success. Clint Eastwood,
70, James Garner, 72, Donald Sutherland, 65, and Tommy Lee Jones, 54, played
the parts of the four aged team members in the movie. Because of their ages,
they fit the characters well. They also have had previous experiences of
being actors so they knew what they had to do to make the movie a success.
Finally, Space Cowboys gives new impetus to the aging to never give up on
their youthful dreams. NASA called on Clint Eastwood’s character and the rest
of his aging “crew” to help fix a problem with a satellite. So the four men
get to relive their dreams after years had past since thefirst time. Being
able to relive their dreams shows that the aging should never give up on the
dreams they had as youths. Space Cowboys contained and portrayed many
elements that made the film a box office success….


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