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Spawn vs Blade: Ideology and Aesthetics

The ideology issues within this film are quite subtle as the main charater is accentually evil.Like most action films it follows the ideology that one man can make a difference against all odds.In this case, he has to go up against the devil himself.Spawn was once an assassin who came from a middle class environment who had a pretty wife and kid.The thing that makes this super hero different is the fact that the hero and the love interest are being played by an African Americans and the man who is the front man for the side of evil and the wise old guide are white Americans.He ends up becoming the reluctant hero who is constantly battling with his conscience.His boss is a corporate type who is only the front for a far more sinister mind.The way he is portrayed is almost like the corporate bigwigs are morally corrupt.There is a charater who guides spawn through his journey who embodies the "old and wise" attributes.The character that is suppose to lead Spawn astray is a fat little demon who is funny as apposed to evil as if they don't want the audience to take the evil seriously.His best friend is exactly like the hero but doesn't posses the same power, and starts out as a problem but becomes part of his salvation.The story basically is about an average man who is given power beyond his imagination and has to make a choice the easy road and the hard road.The thing that makes the ideology of this film interesting is that the hero starts out accentually evil, wants to be normal, has everything taken away from him and given power from the side of evil.If I was going to put it into a real American situation it would be like and American soldier who wants to quit the army, finds out that the president has killed his family, is working for Osama Bin laden, and is given a stockpile of weapons to destroy the American way.The way this differs from the ty


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