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stand and deliver

 Stand and Deliver
Imagine working so hard to make it through school when no
one believes in you and when you finally make it you get shot down
and belittled by your superiors. That is the case in the movie stand
and deliver. A teacher named Jaime Escalante transfers to Garfield
high school in east Los Angeles to teach math. Mr. Escalante had no
idea what he was in for. A class full of gang members and students
close to giving up and dropping out. He had no idea how to help
these kids accept to relate with them. He made good relations with
all of the students and helped them slowly over the school years to
prepare them for the advanced placement test. The students studied
and worked extra hard to pass the advanced placement test and
when they all passed the district said the all copied and failed every
student. They had to re take the test to prove to the district the test
scores are accurate. Mr. Escalante gave everything to his students,
even putting his family life and marriage on the line to help these
kids. During the four years he taught at Garfield high school he
became very close with the students and treated them all like family.
They studied at his home, he visited their homes, and even sat with
their parents and begged to keep the students in school. The kids
were willing to work hard and that is what kept Mr. Escalante
going. He worked so hard he had a heart attack. The doctors told
him not to go back to teaching, to take some time off but he didn't
listen. He went straight back to teaching to help the students pass
the exam and prove everyone wrong. The students re took the test
while teachers and faculty were watching to make sure they
wouldn't cheat. Every student passed the new exam and proved
everyone wrong. They received a formal apology from the school


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