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There are many aspects to consider before doing a defense or a comdenation of Sula. For instance, all the background Toni Morrison used for creating this kind of character and what she wants to demonstrate with it, without considering yet the reader's background. It is interesting to notice how all these topics influence this complex character transforming it into a reflect of your own reality or a very different posture of living life.
Sula is very independent woman, rebellous some people would say, but this behaviour could be explained for her family upbringing. She always saw her mother without a stabile relationship, the peculiar way of living of Eva, etc. With these examples, it is obvious to think she would not follow the society rules at those times because she never was educated to fullfil with them. Even more, it may be seen as a sparkle of a feminism wave due to she felt absolutely free to decide to study or not, to get married or not.
I strongly think that when somebody breaks any rule in any case the others generally tend to reject him or her, or try to put all the burden in his or her back, maybe because they are not able to do the same either for weakness or for fear of change. In fact, there are many people who are tremendously scared of change their life, so they continue living a boring routine or worse, sometimes suffering many humilliating situations just for that reason or for feeling ashamed of what people could think about them.
On the other hand, it is possible to see that Sula does not have any respect for the other people. She was the closest friend of Nel, and she had an affair with her husband. She is more consequent with herself and her thoughts than with her own friends. There is a prhase very known and real: " a friend is more worthy than a treasury". I cannot support this behaviour because to find a partner is extremely easy, at least for me, but to find a friend is difficult. Wher


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