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Swains Vision

Swains Vision
There comes a time in every young mans life when he realizes the difference between the superficial problems of childhood and the real world of adulthood.Some boys learn the nuances of being a man at an early age, while others don't quite understand the truth of maturity until after they've lived on their own for a while.Loudin Swain was a young man who didn't experience much along the lines of adulthood until he was nearly out of high school.Through the decisions he made in his quests to drop two weight classes and wrestle the state champ and also win the love of an older woman, Loudin learns that some things in life aren't given to you and that nothing lasts forever.
Vision Quest opens with Loudin Swain training for wrestling.He talks of how he wants to make his mark in the world this year, but doesn't realize that just the opposite will happen, the world will make it's mark on him.Loudin is very into his wrestling and is the number one wrestler in his weight class.Although this is something to be proud of, he is not content.Loudin wishes to drop two weight classes and wrestle Shoot, the state champion who is "the guy to beat."This is Loudin's goal for the year and this is how he plans to make his mark.He trains long hours and constantly works out in his attempt to reach this goal.Loudin is the type of person who focuses so intensely on what he wishes to achieve that he doesn't see all of the other aspects of life around him.This is a sign of immaturity and Loudin will overcome this problem within the course of the movie.
Loudin works at a local hotel where he delivers room service.One night he is confronted with a rather uncomfortable experience.Loudin delivers dinner to a room where a man is practicing Tai Chi. Loudin and this man strike up conversation about the benefits of this type of exercise and Loudin begins to attempt performing Ta…


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