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Sydney Carton: Another Jesus Christ

A Tale of Two Cities By: Charles Dickens: Sydney Carton: Another Jesus Christ?
Throughout the novel a Tale of Two Cities, Sydney Carton displays characteristics that mirror those of the biblical figure Jesus Christ.
Christ is known for being the central figure of the Christian faith. The Bible has said that his main purpose in his short 33 years of life, was to spread the word of god through the modern-day Israeli area, and to lay his life down on a cross and shed his blood to cleanse the sins of the human race.
For thefirst 30 years, Christ’s life would be considered ordinary for a peasant at the time. People might even say that his life was without focus. But, in the last three years of life, Christ made a remarkable impact on the Judea area.
During his three years of ministry Jesus preached the gospel of god to thousands of people in Judea, along with the aid of his twelve disciples. Of course, as with any person who preaches, Jesus had followers and opposition. Christ’s enemies thought that he and his teachings were worthless, useless and hollow. The opposition atfirst, ridiculed him with negative words and remarks, however this did not stop Christ’s ministry. As a result of this failure the people against Christ prompted his arrest, conviction and eventually his death, but not before he was beaten continuously and ruthlessly. To make matters worse, Christ did not make any attempt to save his life. He could have easily escaped into the dark garden where he was when the Roman soldiers came to arrest him. He also could have put up a strong defense against the prosecution in court, and most likely would have won. Jesus Christ had many of chances to save his own life, but he did not pursue them. According to the Bible, Christ knew exactly what his mission was on planet Earth. He could have saved his life and still have made a difference, but he chose to die and make a bigger difference. Christ laid his life down in glory a…


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